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Just announced!  'Harry Potter and the deathly hallows' by J K Rowling will be published at 12.01am on Saturday 21st July 2007.  Reserve your copy now to collect anytime after midnight!
January / February at the Idle Hour


Wednesday 31st January

Interpretation of Murder - Jed Rubenfeld

Wednesday 7th February

Girls - Lori Lansens

Wednesday 14th February

Restless - William Boyd

Wednesday 21st February

Love in the present tense - Catherine Hyde Ryan

Wednesday 28th February

Semi detatched - Griff Rhys-Jones

Wednesday 7th March

This book will save your life - A M Homes

Wednesday 14th March

Half of a Yellow Sun - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Wednesday 21st March

The Testament of Gideon Mack - James Robertson

Creative Writing Workshops
Now up and running are our two new writing groups, one for kids and one for adults.  Both groups will cover different forms of writing and I am really looking forward to seeing what come up.  The times and dates are as follows but please contact me if you want to join.  Thanks!
Kids : 1st Thursday of every month - 5.45-6.45pm
Adults : 3rd Wednesday of each month - 6.30-7.30pm


It's World Book Day coming up and as usual I will have in the special 1 books.  These will be limited so please come in for yours early!  Here's a look at what the titles are this year...
Astrosaurs: Teeth of the T-Rex
Steve Cole
7-9 years
Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur – he’s an ASTROSAUR! Captain of the amazing spaceship DSS Sauropod, he fights evil along with his faithful crew! In this fantastic addition to a bestselling series, Teggs answers a call for help from a wrecked ship - only to fall into a terrible T.Rex trap!

Front cover of Diamond Brothers: I Know What You Did Last Wednesday by Anthony Horowitz
Diamond Brothers: I Know What You Did Last Wednesday
Anthony Horowitz
9+ years
There's been a murder! But fear not – the Diamond Brothers are on the case (although, being the world's worst private detectives, they probably won't get far!) Mystery, suspense and jokes collide in this side-splitting thriller from the Diamond Brothers series, by the creator of Alex Rider.

Front cover of Horrible Science: The Seriously Squishy Science Book by Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles
Horrible Science: The Seriously Squishy Science Book
Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles
7-12 years
Science with the squishy bits left in! Read on as we present a cracking collection of the squishiest Horrible Science ever! From anti-social ugly bugs, to microbe monsters and blood, bones and body bits – get set for a really revolting read. The Seriously Squishy Science Book is simply oozing with info!

Front cover of Let the Snog Fest Begin! by Louise Rennison
Let the Snog Fest Begin!
Louise Rennison
11+ years
Georgia shares her hilarious tips on how to hang on to your Luurve God. You need to look groovy and keep your cool at all times! Which can be tricky if you’re prone to fashion disasters, have the most embarrassing family in the world ever, and are yourself, quite possibly, certifiably insane…

Front cover of My Sister
My Sister's Got a Spoon Up Her Nose
Jeremy Strong illus. Rowan Clifford
7-9 years
'How was I to know Tomato would put the spoon up her nose instead of on it?' Nicholas's sister has had a cutlery related accident - and it's more dangerous than it sounds. Now his Dad's taking part in the hospital's Three Mile Challenge - and that means beating the dreaded Mr Tugg! How could one spoon cause so much trouble?

Front cover of Roman Mysteries: The Code of Romulus by Caroline Lawrence
Roman Mysteries: The Code of Romulus
Caroline Lawrence
9+ years
Even though she has solved many mysterious crimes, Flavia Gemina must prove once and for all that she really is a top-class detective. At first, the thefts at the bakery seems too easy – and too dull – to crack. But the truth eludes everyone. Where can Flavia turn to find the answers?

Front cover of Sharing a Shell Song Book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks
Sharing a Shell Song Book
Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks
3-5 years
Join Crab, Blob and Brush in the rock pool for a singsong adventure of sea, shells and friendship. Created especially for World Book Day, this delightful song is based on the hugely popular picture book SHARING A SHELL with lyrics and melody by Julia Donaldson and vibrant illustrations by Lydia Monks. Complete with music so everyone can sing along!

Front cover of The Selfish Crocodile Counting Book by Michael Terry
The Selfish Crocodile Counting Book
Michael Terry
0-5 years
A sturdy board book that will help every child to learn their numbers from one to ten – with the help of the snappy and ever-popular Selfish Crocodile. The perfect introduction to numbers and counting.

Front cover of The Tiara Club: Princess Megan and the Magical Tiara by Vivian French illus. Sarah Gibb
The Tiara Club: Princess Megan and the Magical Tiara
Vivian French illus. Sarah Gibb
5-8 years
Princess Megan is so excited about going to the Princess Academy! She can’t wait to make new friends and wear her special tiara at the Tiara Ball. But the horrible twins Diamonde and Gruella try to spoil everything – will they succeed?

Front cover of Vampirates: Dead Deep by Justin Somper
Vampirates: Dead Deep
Justin Somper
10+ years
Connor Tempest and his pirate buddies are in the mood for adventure, so when a mysterious crew offers to teach them to freedive, they jump at the chance. But under the water, danger is lurking… and it’s going to take everything the pirates have got to get out alive.


Childrens Story Time
The next story time for little ones will be on ....

After the success of the Samuel Ledgard talk by Don Bate in September I am keen to host other talks and discussions.  Any ideas or queries get in touch!